For businesses

Pay bills with help from your friends & family.

Direct Bill-Pay helps friends, family and trusted relationships
borrow and lend
to pay bills directly.

Send loans directly
to the billing company

Lender pays your bill, you pay the lender back, all managed through the app.


Lend without fees

Lend using your bank account, debit card or Zirtue bank account without any fees.

Pay your bills
without conditions

Let your friends or family members help you
with your bills, not a bank.

Make a payment

Bills are paid instantly when you use
a debit card.

the benefits

Auto payment

Set the repayment terms that work for you, and let automatic payments do the rest.

Monthly reminders

With monthly reminders, you won’t have to worry about missing a payment.

Flexible repayment

Choose a one-time or monthly repayment plan that best fits your needs.

Easy sync

Syncing your bill to your Zirtue account is quick and easy!

Partial or full amount

Borrow the full bill amount or ask for only a portion of it.

5% interest

Lenders receive a 5% interest rate from the borrower over the life of the loan.

Did you know?

Loans used to pay bills directly are
2x more likely to be approved
by friends and family.

How does Direct Bill Pay work?

Create account

Download Zirtue and
register for an account.

Add your bill

Connect your billing company account and select the bill
you want to borrow money for.

Send it

Send your loan request
to a family member or friend
in your mobile contacts.


Why should I use Direct Bill Pay?

With Zirtue’s Direct-Bill Pay feature, you can upload your Energy or other utility bill and request for a family member or friend to pay it in the form of a loan. Zirtue provides a transparent and structured way to borrow and lend from family and friends when you’re short on funds. With flexible payback periods, and no credit check, Zirtue is the reliable and secure way to pay your bills on time!

Does Direct Bill Pay affect my credit score?

No. Zirtue is not affiliated with credit bureaus at all. All loans made on the Zirtue mobile application platform are personal loans based on trusted relationships and are strictly between the lender and borrower.

How fast is it?

Payments are instant when using personal or Zirtue debit cards. Bank transfers and ACH payments may take 1-3 business days to be completed, depending on the bank.

What if I’m delayed with the repayment?

If the lender already made the payment to the billing company, delays in repayment don’t affect bill payment at all. It needs to be sorted out between the lender and the borrower.


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