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Let your customers pay with Zirtue

Zirtue preserves trust between borrowers and lenders with easy bill-pay transparency to reduce corporate bad debt.

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Payment Solution

Zirtue helps you build a financially inclusive customer experience with Alternative Payment Solution.

We're already working with companies like AT&T, UT Southwestern Healthcare and Reliant Energy.

Together we're reducing collections and providing their customers and patients with a new payment solution.

Making accounts
receivables disappear

Zirtue for Businesses

Zirtue is the world’s first relationship-based lending application that simplifies loans between friends, family and trusted relationships with direct bill pay to creditors.

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Partners who trust Zirtue

Our partners are as diverse as we are, but one common theme is their track record of working with successful mission driven companies. They've given us the resources to optimize for the long term and we're thrilled to have them with us on this journey.

Driving financial inclusion one relationship at a time.

Driving financial inclusion
one relationship at a time.

  • 16% of Americans are underbanked
  • 6% of Americans are unbanked
  • Zirtue is working to give everyone access to fair and equitable lending options with no fees

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Zirtue helps businesses collect more and write-off less.

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