Collect more
accounts receivables?

Your wish
is our command.

Zirtue helps businesses collect more and write-off less. As the first relationship-based lending app, Zirtue allows friends and family to pay an account holder’s bill – with terms they work out between themselves. The loans are legit and bills get paid. We’re already working with companies like AT&T, and we can partner with you.


How to make accounts receivables disappear.

93% of businesses get late payments
After 90+ days, unpaid bills are worth 80% less of their values
46% of consumers pay bills late, but want to pay on time
100% of businesses would prefer to be paid on time


Zirtue lets people borrow from family and friends to pay their bills direct. These are peer-to-peer loans with terms customers work out. And the winner is you.

Here’s how Zirtue works

  • Partner sends bill or invoice to account holder with alternative payment option
  • Account holder finds friend or family member willing to loan them money to pay their bill and submit loan request through Zirtue
  • Lender (friend or family member) receives loan request and approves
  • Upon approval, Zirtue sends approved funds directly to Partner to credit account holders account
  • Lender (friend or family member) gets paid back automatically by account holder through Zirtue