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We’re Zirtue

Zirtue was created with the goal to revolutionize the way we lend; making it more simple, secure, and fair. Today, Zirtue has helped thousands of people lend and borrow with those they trust by giving them more control over their money and an easy way to do it.

Our mission

Zirtue is the world’s first relationship-based lending app
with a mission to drive financial inclusion,
one relationship at a time.

A new way to borrow and lend.

Friends and family are among the largest banks in the world, loaning $184 billion annually. According to a recent survey, one in three people in the U.S. will borrow money from a person they know.

Zirtue is the modern day digital solution for people to access needed funds through relationship-based loans.

Loans without
the awkwardness

Zirtue was born out of the personal experiences our CEO, Dennis Cail had while lending money to friends and family with limited success in getting that money back in a timely manner.

At Zirtue, we believe it’s a virtue to give loans to people in need of a financial lifeline, but asking for money back can be uncomfortable and put stress on the relationship.

So, Dennis and our CFO, Michael Seay, teamed up to build an app to eliminate the awkwardness and preserve your relationships.

Zirtue team

Dennis Cail

CEO & Co-founder

Michael Seay

CFO & Co-founder

Chase Dillon

VP of Growth

Alex Pikul

Director of
Strategic Partnerships

Airion Watkins‑Clark

VP of Product
& Customer Experience

Kamri Goff

Social Media &
 Content Specialist

Freddie Clark

Product Manager

Amr Desouky

VP of Engineering


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Our investment partners

Zirtue is proud to be backed by some of the most innovative investors in the world, including Google, Morgan Stanley, Revolution Fund, Northwest Mutual, SixThirty Ventures and Capital Factory.

Our culture

Here at Zirtue, we believe everyone needs a financial lifeline from time to time. We also believe in taking ownership and control of your life and personal finances, one dollar at a time.

Our focus is on security, integrity, and creating a financially inclusive world.

We aim to give people a hand up to help them continuously thrive, as opposed to a one-off hand out. Essentially, our culture is to disrupt culture for the greater good. Dennis Cail, CEO